Sarayu: ’18 Pages’ changed my image

Sarayu is well-known for her adult-oriented shows. She appeared in a number of YouTube shows as a sex counsellor. Sarayu was a key character in the recently released ’18 Pages,’ in which she played Bhagi, a friend of Nikhil Siddhartha.

Sarayu claims that the film helped her gain confidence as an actress. Following her release, the industry’s perception of her shifted.

“The Baaghi character is well-liked. Calls are pouring in from friends, relatives, and others. My YouTube videos led to this opportunity. When I got a call from a big production company like Geetha Arts, I couldn’t believe it. I then went to the audition and was chosen,” she explained.

“Working with Nikhil was a fantastic experience; making videos for YouTube is not the same as making a film. If I ever felt nervous on set, he was always there to tell me that I was a good actor,” Sarayu said.

People are seeing her differently as an actor, so she is more ecstatic. “Before 18 pages, people thought of me as a YouTuber. I used to do adult comedy, but seeing Sarayu in so many different shades took everyone by surprise. I think I surprised everyone with decent comedy in 18 pages,” she said.



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