Sharrath Marar busy making a mark with scintillating content

Sharrath Marar

The entertainment segment has almost seen zero activity for months this pandemic season. It’s only of late that the sector has started limping back to life, with production works taking off across industries in fits and starts. Despite the scales heavily tilted against the sector, if there is one producer who has refused to be bogged down, it’s Sharrath Marrar. The star producer of the Telugu film industry has kept it going on the OTT front.

As a very choosy producer with a hands-on experience of bankrolling big-ticket movies, he is now busy making a mark through independent films and digital content in the streaming world.

When direct-to-streaming films were still having teething troubles on Telugu OTT, Sharrath Marar-produced ‘Bhanumati Ramakrishna’ came across as a whiff of fresh air, in July.

And now, his upcoming show ‘Expiry Date’ got released in Hindi on October 2 on OTT. The thriller is doing extremely well, getting all the well-deserved praise from the Bollywood media.

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