Sharwanand needs to get back in shape!


Some stars have used the lockdown period to achieve six-pack abs, while others got relaxed, skipped regular physical exercises. Looks like Sharwanand falls in the latter category. In the recently released ‘Sreekaram’, his physical appearance looks vastly different at the beginning of the movie and in the final scenes. 

Not only that he looked overweight in some places, but it also seemed he gained a paunch as well. 

He promoted aggressively the film and hoped to bounce back. But the film is not posting big numbers at the box-office. After raking in an impressive collection on the first day, ‘Sreekaram’ has seen a drastic fall and is now struggling to attract audiences. 

Sharwanand has lined up four more releases this year. But before that, he needs to get back into shape.


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