Shashi Preetam launch the Deccan Music challenge

Sashi Preetam

Music director Shashi Preetam along with his daughter Aiswarya Krishna Priya launched the Deccan music challenge.

Shashi Preetam said, ” There are a lot of musicians out there who are hardly known to people. They are faceless and their names are not known to anybody. Rock bands, which have picked up in Hyderabad in the last five years, are becoming a trend. Pubs are giving them platforms. It started with English-language rock bands. And now, thanks to public demand, Telugu and Hindi rock bands, too, are becoming popular in the pop-cultural landscape. Each band is unique.”

“My daughter Aiswarya Krishna Priya is a psychologist, who is the producer of this Challenge. She runs a psychology clinic here in Hyderabad. She is a pianist and a vocalist who has always been passionate about music,” he said.

Aishwarya said that she has observed her father always encourage competent people. “Through our initiative, we want to spot new talents and groom aspirants. Any individual who wants to promote themselves as a music professional will get a platform,” she added.

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