Shivam Bhaje first cut: A devotional actioner

Ashwin Babu rose to prominence with films such as “Raju Gari Gadhi” and “Hidimba”. His next film, “Shivam Bhaje,” is about to be released. The makers released a teaser today with the title First Cut.


The teaser begins with Ashwin Babu notifying the doctor that he has unexpected headaches and flashbacks of memories. Then we hear the voice of a Swamiji telling Ashwin Babu that the flashes he is experiencing are due to Lord Neelakantha’s instruction.The swamji claims that the Lord is using him to destroy the wicked powers. We then see a lot of action and devotional scenes.

“Shivam Bhaje” is directed by Apsar and produced by Maheswara Reddy of Ganga Entertainments.

Arbaaz Khan, a popular Bollywood actor, plays a major role. Digangana Suryavanshi is the heroine. The film’s music is directed by Vikas Badisa and Dasaradhi Shivendra (‘HanuMan’ fame).

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