Siddharth Vs BJP: Actor gets police protection

Actor Siddharth has made severe allegations against the Tamilnadu BJP leaders saying that he and his family received ‘death threats. In his series of tweets, he pointed out that BJP leaders had leaked phone numbers and he received over 500 abusive calls.

After his post on Twitter, Tamilnadu state police has come forward to provide police protection.

“Thank you @tnpoliceoffl for the protection. I am the first person in my entire family’s history to be given the same. However, I would politely like to give up this privilege so the same officers’ time is better used for something else during this pandemic,” he posted.

Tamilnadu state BJP wing denied the allegation and called the actor trying to seek cheap publicity.

Siddharth had made some caustic remarks against the Modi government in poor handling of the pandemic situation. Entire India is indeed gasping for breath, patients are running from pillar to post to get beds in hospitals, medicines, and oxygen cylinders. Actors like Siddharth are not mincing words in pointing out the Modi government’s fallacies.

He finally ended the day requesting all the social media volunteers to work for the needy and move on from this controversy. “My mother is afraid. I had no other words to give her courage and reassurance so I read her some of yours from your tweets. Thank you for telling me I’ll be ok. We are very normal people from very simple backgrounds. Your words mean the world. Let’s get back to work and help,” he tweeted.

Siddharth is currently acting as the second lead in Sharwanand starrer Ajay Bhupathi’s ‘Maha Samudram’.


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