‘Sri Ramadhootha Stotram’ from Hanu Man: Devotional and captivating

Sri Ramadhootha Stotram

“Hanu Man,” which combines elements of devotion with a superhero narrative, is steadily gaining hype. Director Prasanth Varma and producer Niranjan Reddy are making every effort to promote the movie.


Starring Teja Sajja, “Hanu Man” generated extremely high anticipation after the theatrical trailer garnered an overwhelmingly positive response. Today, the fourth single, titled “Sri Ramadhootha Strotram,” was released.

Gowrahari composed the song.

The vocal performances of Sai Charan Bhaskaruni, Lokeshwar Edara, and Harshavardhan Chavali harmonize perfectly with the devotional theme. The 3D rendition of this video is amazing.

“Sri Ramadhootha Strotram” is poised to captivate audiences due to its devotional fervor. “Hanu Man” is scheduled to release in theaters on January 12, 2024.

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