Sriram Venu receives appreciative calls from filmmakers

Sriram Venu

With ‘Vakeel Saab’, director Venu Sriram has come under the spotlight. The film is the remake of the Bollywood hit ‘Pink’. Still, the director has managed to leave his mark. His handling of second-half, extracting the best from Pawan Kalyan in courtroom sequences, and also penning powerful dialogue has come in praise from all quarters.

Along with writer Mamidala Tirupathi, he also wrote the dialogue.

Since the film’s release, his phone has not stopped ringing. He is getting appreciative calls from his peers, colleagues in the Telugu film industry. They are said to be praising him the way he handled the courtroom proceedings, retaining the soul of the ‘Pink’ and effectively commercializing to suit the persona of Pawan Kalyan.

He is on cloud nine with the calls from some of the top Telugu directors. Even though Sriram Venu tasted success with his second film ‘MCA’ starring Nani, it is ‘Vakeel Saab’ which brought him real recognition as the director.


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