SSMB29: Rajamouli makes a promise to the Japanese audience

SS Rajamouli

Director SS Rajamouli has a huge following in Japan. His films have become increasingly popular in Tokyo and other parts of Japan since “Baahubali”. Rajamouli has frequently visited Tokyo to promote his films. “RRR” in particular has been playing in theaters since its Japanese release.


Rajamouli recently went to Japan to express his gratitude to his fans and audience for their overwhelming support for his films.

During an interaction with the audience where “RRR” was playing in the theater, he revealed that his next film is an adventure thriller starring Mahesh Babu. He also mentioned that the script work has been completed, and the pre-production work is underway.

He also promised to bring Mahesh Babu to Japan for the film’s promotional campaign upon its release. The film has yet to be titled. Hence, it is referred to as #SSMB29, and the film will be produced by KL Narayana.



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