SSMB29 to get released during this period

Mahesh Babu in SSMB29

SSMB29, the first collaboration between Mahesh Babu and Rajamouli, will be begin soon. The film’s release is being delayed more than usual. Despite the delay in production, Rajamouli intends to release the film in two and a half years.


The most recent information indicates that Rajamouli intends to release it in the second half of 2026 or the first half of 2027, depending on the work. He usually takes more than two years to complete a film, but for this one, he began pre-production years ago. He has already mastered the art of extracting the best results from the VFX team. So, Rajamouli is confident that the production will be completed in two years.

The film is expected to begin regular shooting in September 2024. There are also plans to split the movie into two parts. But he will film both versions at the same time. However, there will only be a gap of a year between the releases of the two parts.

Rajamouli will announce the team soon, and the formal launch will follow shortly.



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