Sudigali Sudheer: I cannot repay the love of fans

Sudigali Sudheer and Dolly Shah

Sudigali Sudheer’s next thriller “Calling Sahasra” is set to excite moviegoers. The film, directed by Arun Vikkirala, starring Sudheer as the hero and Dollyshah as the female lead, is set to be released on December 1, 2023. The film’s pre-release event was lavishly celebrated on Wednesday.


Sudigali Sudheer became emotional during the ceremony and stated that he is indebted to all of his fans and that he cannot repay their love, devotion, or bonding even if he takes many rebirths.

Sudigali Sudheer remarked, “Thanks to the fans, my film “Gaalodu” became a success. Cast your vote on December 30th and watch the film in theaters on December 1st.”

“This project has been delayed due to Corona,” Dollysha explained. “Our team, on the other hand, is really upbeat.”



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