Tharun Bhasker: My next is a crime drama

Director Tharun Bhasker has tried his stint in acting and TV hosting in the last couple of years. And finally, he is returning to the movie direction. He was to direct his third film with Venkatesh, but he could not complete the script in time. So, Venkatesh has signed other projects.

After gaining fame with his debut film, Pelli Choopulu, Tharun Bhasker was flooded with many offers. However, he chose to direct his second film titled ‘Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi’ with newcomers as well. His third directorial will start rolling next year.

Announcing that the third film will be a crime drama, he took to Instagram to divulge more details.

“The third one really put me in trouble. The nervousness almost killed me. There were two big projects and it really took an eternity to choose. I wanted to be sure this time because the pressure was a lot more than before. After a lot of thought, I’ve chosen to write a crime drama,” he posted on Instagram.

“The subject has excited me, it’s real & I get to work with a star who I absolutely admire. The announcement will be out soon. This one shall not disappoint,” he said.


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