VD13: Allu Aravind and Dil Raju’s friendship frays!?

Parasuram had agreed to direct a film for producer Allu Aravind. Allu Aravind’s production company, ‘Geetha Arts,’ gave him two films, Srirastu Subamastu and Geetha Govindam, and helped shape his career as a director. However, instead of making his next film for Geetha Arts, the ‘Sarkaru Vaati Paata’ director struck a deal with Dil Raju.

A film starring Vijay Deverakonda, director Parasuram, and Dil Raju was announced yesterday. It has been announced that it will be Vijay Deverakonda’s 13th film (#VD13).

However, Allu Aravind was irritated by producer Dil Raju’s attitude and director Parasuram’s unprofessional behaviour. Parasuram went to sign a film for Dil Raju solely because he offered him a large sum of money. This was the source of Aravind’s rage.

Aravind was also upset with Dil Raju for stealing a director from his camp without informing him.

Aravind and Dil Raju have been friends for a long time. Dil Raju has named Aravind as his mentor. Their relationship appears to be strained now.



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