Vishwak Sen’s ‘Gaami’ teaser is out

Vishwak Sen is acting in multiple projects. One of them is ‘Gaami’, which is gearing up for release. The teaser is out.


The video opens with a voiceover telling Vishwak Sen about the solution to his dilemma. M G Abhinaya, Chandini Chowdary, and other key characters are introduced one after the other. Finally, Vishwak appears as an Aghora named Shankar. “Do you think I can overcome all this and achieve the impossible?” asked Vishwak. The final images show Vishwak and Chandini walking across the Himalayan mountains.

This adventure drama, directed by Vidyadhar Kagita and produced by Karthik Sabareesh, is crowdfunded.

“Gaami” arrives in the theaters on March 8th.

Characters of Gaami - Teaser | Vishwak Sen | Chandini Chowdary | Vidyadhar Kagita | UV Creations


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