Who’s following Pawan Kalyan’s movements?

Are some people keeping track of Pawan Kalyan’s movements? Or have they done recce?

Pawan Kalyan is currently shooting for ‘Hari Hara Veera Mallu,’ but the actor-politician believes that some people are watching him and observing his every move.

Shankar Gowd, the Jana Sena party’s in charge of Telangana affairs, filed a complaint with Jubilee Hills police, alleging that three men came to Pawan Kalyan’s residence, made a scene, and fought with the security guard. He also stated that for the past three days, some cars have been tailing Pawan Kalyan’s vehicle.

Pawan Kalyan recently delivered a fiery speech in Vijayawada, causing a ruckus in Andhra Pradesh. He resumed filming after a long hiatus.



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