Yes, I am a publicity-monger: Madhavi Latha

Madhavi Latha

Believe it or not, actress Madhavi Latha openly admits that she seeks publicity for everything she does. She recently filed a case with the Cybercrime police alleging that she is getting abusive messages on social media. But many have termed that she is a publicity-monger and is doing all this hullabaloo for publicity. 

 Reacting to the accusations, Madhavi Latha admitted that she is mad about publicity. “I don’t deny it. I seek publicity. I love to be in the media headlines. Since I am not getting new film offers, I do things that would put me in the spotlight. Even when I do charity and social work, I expect those activities to get good coverage in media as it would help others to do the same. What is wrong in that?” she said. 

Madhavi Latha is also the leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party. She is quite active on Facebook. She is vociferous. Madhavi Latha alleges that she is facing threats and online since she started speaking against the desecration of idols in temples in Andhra Pradesh.


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