Harom Hara review: Rich frames yet the narration lacks meat

Harom Hara

What’s it about?

In Kuppam, Subramanyam (Sudheer Babu) is employed as a laboratory assistant in a college, while his lover Devi (Malvika Sharma) works as a member of the teaching faculty. Thammi Reddy, Basava Reddy, and Sharath Reddy form a criminal group that instills dread in the area by unlawfully seizing property, committing acts of violence against men, and subjecting women to abuse.


Subramanyam’s employment is terminated as a result of a minor conflict with a member of the gang he encountered at the college. Conversely, his father owes money to every individual in his hometown.

In order to amass wealth rapidly, Subramanyam and the suspended constable Palani Swamy (Sunil) use the chance to unlawfully produce guns and distribute them throughout India. Despite Subramanyam’s flourishing business and growing power, the local gang saw his emergence as a danger. The remainder of the story revolves around the conflict between Subramanyam and the local mafia syndicate.


The story of “Harom Hara” takes place in the 1980s in Kuppam, a border region between Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamilnadu. It follows the journey of Subramanyam, a young guy who transforms into a formidable figure while engaging in illicit arms trade.

It can be considered a Lite version of movies such as “KGF” (which revolves around the gold mining business) and “Pushpa” (which focuses on the illegal trade of red sanders). While the aforementioned films showcased compelling drama and impactful emotional situations in addition to captivating action sequences, “Harom Hara” focuses solely on delivering action and lacks the same level of depth in its dramatic elements.

Gnanasagar Dwaraka, whose previous film was “Sehari”, chose to follow a pre-established narrative structure. The film’s plot and storytelling are highly predictable. The portrayal of the bond between the hero and his father appears contrived. However, the film manages to captivate our attention despite its predictable nature, because to its well-executed action sequences, visually stunning frames (excellent cinematography), the authentic Kuppam setting, and the use of its unique accent.

But he entire second of the film is disappointing due to poor storytelling and a lack of engaging scenes. The events transpire without any notable excitement or exhilaration. The justification provided for the conflict between the protagonist and the antagonists lacks any impact.

The film opens with the introduction of a police officer portrayed by Akshara Gowda, who narrates the events that have transpired thus far. Sunil plays the role of the protagonist’s companion. After Sunil concludes his narration to Akshara, the intensity of the drama diminishes. When Akshara Gowda is tasked with apprehending Subramanyam, the film becomes triter. The scenes depicting people sleeping on the road in order to prevent the police from arresting Subramanyam have not achieved the intended outcome.

The film’s strengths, as previously mentioned, lay in its visually stunning photography, meticulous production design, and captivating action sequences. Sudheer Babu is effective in the leading role among the actors. He has got the diction and accent right. Sunil is okay. Malvika Sharma portrays a conventional female lead character.

Bottom line: “Harom Hara” showcases excellent imaging and features solid action sequences. However, it primarily falters in terms of its storytelling, particularly in the second half, which becomes monotonous.

Rating: 2.5/5

Film: Harom Hara
Cast: Sudheer Babu, Malvika Sharma, Sunil, Akshara Gowda, JP, and others
Music: Chaitan Bharadwaj
DOP: Arvind Viswanathan
Editor: Raviteja Girijala
Art director: A Ramanjaneyulu
Action stunts: Sakthi Saravanan, Nikil Raj, Stunt Jashuv
Producer: Sumanth G Naidu
Written and Directed by:
Gnanasagar Dwaraka
Release Date: June 14, 2024



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