Krishnamma review: A revenge drama works in parts


What’s it about?

Shiva, Bhadra, and Koti, who are orphans, have been buddies since their childhood. When Shiva (Krishna Burugula) develops romantic feelings for Meena (Athira) and makes the decision to marry her, Bhadra (Satyadev) and Koti also make the decision to stop their illicit businesses.

Because Meena lacks funds for her treatment, the three friends decide to take on a job transporting a shipment of cannabis to Vijayawada. Upon their arrival, they are apprehended by police.


During their transfer to court in this particular case, a senior police officer proposes them to voluntarily submit themselves to authorities in another case. This action would also result in the treatment of Meena’s mother, Savitri. Shiva consents to the idea and acknowledges their guilt in the court as requested by the police officer.

Shiva, Bhadra, and Koti were shocked only after they became aware of the true nature of the case in which they were implicated. What will be their course of action?


“Krishnamma” commences with Satya Dev, sitting on the banks of the river Krishna in Vijayawada, recounting his beginnings of friendship with the two fellow orphans and the subsequent development of a familial bond between them. The narrative shifts to the early 2000s, centering on their livelihoods, financial difficulties, and involvement in illicit trade in drugs, as well as one of the protagonist’s friends developing romantic feelings for a girl. A significant portion of the first half of the movie does nothing much to captivate our attention. They appear to be quite ordinary.

Only after a police officer discloses that Satya Dev and Meesala Laxman’s characters are responsible for a person’s death do the startling revelations about their life start to emerge. From the beginning to the penultimate moments, the narrative captivates our attention fairly effectively. The new director has interpreted a real-life case that occurred in Vijayawada in 2007 in his own unique way.

The writer-director, V VGopala Krishna, presents those situations in a really engaging manner. His skill in storytelling is appreciable in portraying the ACP’s character, depicting the courtroom proceedings, and illustrating the abuse of power by the influential to protect politicians. But the last moments adhere to the conventions of a standard revenge drama.

On the downside, the thread of Satya Dev and Archana is not at all convincing. The Raghu Kunche’s track also lacks punch.

Satya Dev shines in the second half. Meesala Laxman and Krishna Burugula have given decent individual performances. Nanda Gopal as ACP is excellent.

Kaala Bhairava’s background score is effective. The cinematography is neat.

Bottom line: “Krishnamma” is a tale of three friends. It is part friendship drama, part revenge saga. The film turns quite interesting from the interval bang and when drama shifts to a shocking ‘case’, which seems to be based on incident that took place in 2007. Overall, the first half of the doesn’t work much, but the later half holds interest quite well.

Rating: 2.75/5

By Jalapathy Gudelli

Film: Krishnamma
Cast: Satya Dev, Krishna Burugula, Laxman Meesala, Athira Raj, Archana, and others
Music Director: Kaala Bhairava
DOP: Sunny Kurapati
Editor: Tammiraju B
Art director: Raam Kumar
Stunts: Prdhvi Shekar
Presents: Koratala Siva
Producer: Krishna Kommalapati
Written and Directed by: V VGopala Krishna
Release Date: May 10, 2024



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