Raju Yadav review: Boring and lousy

Raju Yadav

What’s it about!

Raju Yadav (Getup Srinu) pursues a girl he is infatuated with due to her good looks. Sweety (Ankita) a lab operator at an Engineering college, is averse to his persistent following and eventually resorts to physically reprimanding him by slapping him. However, her opinion shifts upon discovering that his mouth was disfigured as a result of a forceful impact from a cricket ball. She develops a friendship with him out of sympathy.


Will Sweety and Raju Yadav become lovers? Is there a twist in the tale?


Comedian Getup Srinu made his debut as a lead hero in the film “Raju Yadav,” which hit the theaters today. Set in Mahabubnagar, the film revolves around a character whose lips was disfigured by a forceful impact from a cricket ball, resulting in a permanent wide grin look. Aside from this particular instance, the film, which the makers claimed to be based on real events, is frivolous and tedious.

Even in a poorly crafted film, there is usually at least one scene that is appealing. However, “Raju Yadav” fails to have even that one redeeming scene.

The direction is quite amateurish. The writing is absurd. In numerous instances, one may question the director’s skills in scene composition. Only certain sequences in the second half are slightly better.

Each department of the film has made lackadaisical contributions. Nowhere does it possess the characteristics of a proper feature film; instead, it evokes the impression of a teenager’s attempt to create a short film with his group of friends in his neighborhood.

Getup Srinu appears to have believed that maintaining a broad smile elicits laughter. Furthermore, his performance fails to captivate or involve us. Anand Chakrapani, in the role of Srinu’s father, performs his role in a customary manner. Both Srinu and the new actress form an unconventional pair.

With the exception of one song, the remaining music is trite.

Bottom-line: “Raju Yadav” is not only uninteresting, but the storytelling is so amateurish that even short films appear more impressive and captivating in comparison.

Rating: 1/5

Film: Raju Yadav
Cast: Getup Srinu, Ankita Kharat, RJ Hemant, Rocket Raghava, Chakrapani Ananda and others
Music Director: Harshavardhan Rameshwar
DOP: Sairam Uday
Editor: Bonthala Nageswar Reddy
Producers: Prashanth Reddy
Directed by: Krishnamachary
Release Date: May 24, 2024



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