Kapatadhaari trailer: A thriller with a different approach


Traffic police officers take an oath like a police officer, but they do not involve in criminal cases. Or take up such investigations. But in ‘Kapatadhaari’, an upcoming thriller, Sumanth plays a traffic police officer who investigates murder cases. What draws him to this mission? Who is behind the murders?

This forms the central point of ‘Kapatadhaari’, which is an official remake of the Kannada blockbuster.

Kapatadhaari Telugu Movie Trailer | Sumanth | Nandita Swetha | Simon K King | Pradeep Krishnamoorthy

Produced by Dr.G.Dhananjayan and Lalitha Dhananjayan, the thriller is directed by Pradeep Krishnamoorthy. Nandita Swetha and Simon K King appear as the female lead characters.

The trailer looks interesting.



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