Megastar’s mantra: Producers should get 25 Cr profit

Megastar's mantra: Producers should get 25 Cr profit

The so-called big-budgeted top starrers might bring in stunning collections, but they hardly bring in profits to the producer. Even after investing about Rs 150 crore in a big star movie, the producers are not earning profits. Remunerations and the production costs are the reason for it.

Example: A top producer earned Rs 2 crore on the investment made of Rs 140 crore on a big star movie. In that same year, he produced a medium-range film with a budget of Rs 40 crore and made a whopping Rs 36 crore profit. This gives a clear example of how our so-called big star movies have become bad investments for a producer in terms of profits.

Megastar Chiranjeevi wants to change this unhealthy trend. He reportedly told his next producers not to spend heavily on the production. He might take the lion’s share of the budget with remuneration, but he is making sure that each of his producers should at least get Rs 20 or 25 crore profit.

This is why he is collaborating with directors like Meher Ramesh, VV Vinayak, or Bobby, who don’t command high remuneration. And he also is telling the producers not to waste money on unnecessary things on the production.

If Chiranjeevi succeeds in his plan, this will bring in a lot of changes in movie production in Tollywood.



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