Paycheck: Sukumar comes close to Rajamouli!


The remunerations of Tollywood male stars and directors are on the rise. Top director Rajamouli is the highest-paid director in India. He takes home a paycheck of Rs 100 plus Cr (he takes a stake in the film’s business, which is way more than Rs 100 crore).

After Rajamouli, director Shankar gets the position. But now, Sukumar has become the second-highest-paid director. Our sources say Sukumar will take home Rs 40 crore now. A whopping jump for the ‘Pushpa’ director.

Until two years ago, he was getting about Rs 16 to 18 Crore. But the blockbuster success of ‘Pushpa’ in the Hindi market has given him the courage to demand more. The producers of ‘Pushpa’ have finalized Rs 40 crore remuneration to Sukumar.

Now, Sukumar is the only Telugu director who demands such hefty remuneration.

‘Pushpa 2’ will begin its shoot in July or August.



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