Tollywood is betting big on 2024

The Telugu film industry saw some memorable successes, superb content, global fame, and Oscar wins in 2023, as well as films with dated ideas and a formulaic approach and many failures. There hasn’t been a single Telugu film that has worked in all languages at the pan-India level like in previous years, but in 2023, a Telugu song “Naatu Naatu” (RRR) won an Oscar, making history.


A film like “Balagam,” made on a shoestring budget in an unconventional manner, brought villagers together to watch the film on makeshift screens, reviving old memories.

Many new directors were also introduced but their ideas were nothing remarkable. With the exception of “Balagam,” no Telugu film has been truly “different” from the norm.

Telugu films popularized the concept of pan-Indian films, but in 2023, no so-called “pan-Indian film” had become a massive hit across the country. Although “Salaar” was the highest-grossing Telugu film in 2023, it was mostly successful in Telugu and, to a lesser extent, Hindi; the remaining languages produced no positive results.

However, the year 2024 appears to be promising. Tollywood filmmakers are also betting big on 2024, with several massive pan-Indian films in the works.

The most important pan-Indian films of 2024

  1. Devara Part One
  2. Kalki (2898 AD)
  3. Pushpa 2
  4. Game Changer

On the other hand, films like “Guntur Kaaram,” “Hanu Man,” “Family Star,” “Operation Valentine,” “Tilu Square,” “Mr Bachchan,” “Thandel,” “Mega156,” “NBK109,” “OG,” “G2,” and others have generated a lot of buzz and are expected to make a lot of money in the new year 2024.

High-profile launches

Some of the most anticipated projects will also begin in 2024…

  1. SSMB29 (Mahesh Babu and Rajamouli’s film)
  2. Spirit (Prabhas and Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s film)
  3. #NTR31 (NTR and Prashanth Neel’s film
  4. #RC16 (Ram Charan and Buchi Babu’s film)
  5. #AlluArjun – Trivikram’s film


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