Nagarjuna: I have introduced 40 directors so far


Nagarjuna is ready with his new film, Wild Dog, which will be out this Friday. He speaks about working with the new talent, experimenting with films, and plans. Read on…

Looks like you are very confident about Wild Dog?

Yes, I am. The other day, we had multiple shows for the industry insiders and filmmakers. Everyone liked it and I am sure that the audience will give the same result as well. I have worked very hard on this film and the way it has turned out gave me confidence.

What is so special about Wild Dog?

The film is a new-age action drama with all the proper commercial masala ingredients, which the fans expect from me. It has stylish making, content, and stylized action which I have never done before.

Preparation for your role?

I did not prepare much other than the physical aspect of the film. My director Solomon researched a lot about the bomb blasts, how NIA came into existence, and how they nabbed the criminals. I just followed his instructions and loved working on my character which has no inhibitions.

Why didn’t you plan a Hindi release for this movie?

I am happy making it a Telugu film. Such films have come in Hindi before but for the Telugu audience, it is new. The OTT rights of the film have been bought by Netflix and they will dub it in Hindi anyways.

Working with a new director like Ahishor Solomon?

New directors have always brought out something new from me. (Ahishor) Solomon is the 40th director I have introduced in my career and he has a spark which I felt during the narration. 

Why is Bangaraju getting delayed?

We were almost done with the script and ‘Wild Dog’ came along. I wanted to do this first and pushed ‘Bangaraju’ behind. It is based on the Sankranthi festival and I will plan and shoot it in such a way that it comes out only during the festival.

Tell us about your 100th film?

Laughs. Even I am hearing a lot about this project. The work is on. It will surely be a multi-starrer either with Chaitanya or Akhil. When the right time comes, I will announce it officially.

By: Jalapathy Gudelli



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