‘Om Bheem Bush’ has a completely unique point: Sree Vishnu

Sree Vishnu

Sree Vishnu, who just had great success with “Samajavaragamana,” is now enthused about his next release, Om Bheem Bush. So far, the film’s trailer and promotional material have sparked interest.

Unique point

The plot of “Om Bheem Bush” is absolutely unique. The main point has never been explored in Telugu movies. This distinctiveness drew me in instantly. Whatever obstacles the main characters face throughout the plot, the audience will be entertained. Director Sree Harsha Konuganti framed the film as a complete entertainment experience.



Many titles were considered, but I settled on “Om Bheem Bush” since it is catchy and easy to relate to. I am quite particular with the title because it is what grabs the audience’s attention immediately.

The highlights

The film contains several humorous episodes, including two extended ones in the first half and three in the second half. Director Sri Harsha presented the film in a colorful style consistent with the theme. Comedy is the mainstay.

The plot revolves around three buddies who completed their Ph.D.s. They visit a place called Bhairavapuram and learn about a treasure. Their attempt to dig the treasure serves as the foundation for the plot, but there will be many surprises, including the previously stated unique aspect.

Sree Vishnu

Pressure to deliver

I didn’t feel obligated to be extra cautious simply because “Samajavaragamana” became popular. I stick with the story. My first concern with any project is that the producer receives the money that was invested in the project rather than boosting my market.

This film is produced by a big production house. So, they did it smoothly. I felt no burden from this project. Furthermore, the production house had already recovered more than double the amount of their investment prior to the release.

Upcoming Films

I’m now acting in “Swag,” which is nearing completion. I’ve signed two films: one for GA2 Pictures and another for Kona Venkat.



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