Varalaxmi Sarathkumar: No dreams, No plans!


Varalaxmi Sarathkumar quickly rose to fame in the Tollywood industry with a string of successful films. Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, renowned for her portrayal of characters with morally ambiguous traits, assumed the character of Anjamma, the sister of the protagonist Teja Sajja, in the film “Hanu Man,” a superhero movie. While promoting it, she discussed both the film itself and her professional trajectory.


Having a preference for roles that provide novelty

“I consistently choose to act in films that offer substantial roles for me, rather than simply being part of a big-scale project. Regardless of whether I portray virtuous characters or characters with ambiguous morality, I always exert maximum effort. Additionally, filmmakers are presenting me with well-developed characters. They trust in my ability to successfully portray such roles. Furthermore, audiences anticipate a distinct experience from my performances. Therefore, I make a concerted effort to uphold that reputation. I portrayed the character of Anjamma, the sister of the protagonist, in the film “Hanu Man”. I have also executed action stunts in a similar fashion an action star does. The character is very interesting.”

Heroine or side-heroine!

“Regarding the inquiry as to why I am not accepting roles as the primary female protagonist in films, my response is that I perceive myself as the leading female character in my own thoughts. When considering a role, I assess its relevance and substance within the film. I perceive them as one of the lead roles, not as a side heroine.”

No dream roles

“I do not have any specific roles that I aspire to. I have ceased dreaming about specific roles or engaging in planning. I embrace the natural progression of life.”

Bollywood entry

“I received a few offers, but they lacked excitement. Currently, there are no intentions to venture into the Bollywood industry.”



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