All exit polls predict Pawan Kalyan’s huge victory

Pawan Kalyan

According to various exit polls, Pawan Kalyan is expected to win by a large margin in the Pithapuram assembly constituency. Not only will he win as MLA for the first time, but his Jana Sena party will benefit greatly as well.


According to India Today’s My Axis poll, the Jana Sena party will win both Lok Sabha seats it ran for.

The Jana Sena party, in coalition with the BJP and TDP, contested for 21 assembly seats and 2 Lok Sabha seats. The majority of exit polls predicted the alliance’s victory, while one or two agencies declared the YSRCP winner. However, all exit polls indicated that Pawan Kalyan would win a large majority in his seat.

Pawan Kalyan ran in two constituencies in the 2019 assembly elections, Gajuwaka and Bhimavaram, but lost both. After such a humiliating defeat, he worked tirelessly to keep his party alive, and he is now poised to change the political landscape of Andhra Pradesh if we take the exit polls into account.



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