DVV responds to ‘OG’ takeover rumors


Last year, Pawan Kalyan’s “OG” finished more than 60% of its filming. However, following the announcement of Telangana assembly elections, Pawan Kalyan ceased all filming and concentrated on the activities of his Jana Sena, a political party he heads.


With the Andhra Pradesh assembly elections approaching, Pawan Kalyan will not return to filming for another four or five months. In this context, there were speculations that the film’s producer, DVV Danayya, planned to exit the project and give it over to another production house in order to minimize the financial load.

According to speculations, People Media Factory decided to take over the project and produce it under its name going forward. But DVV Entertainments, which is controlled by DVV Danayya, announced today on social media that the project will remain theirs.

The gangster drama “OG” stars Pawan Kalyan and Priyanka Mohan. Sujeeth is in charge of the film’s direction. So far, he has shot many sequences in Mumbai, Pune, and Hyderabad. If not for the elections and political activity, “OG” would have finished filming by now.

The statement read, “#OG is ours… #OG will be forever ours… We have full clarity on how Pawan Kalyan garu’s film will unfold. We are progressing towards it. Always thankful to him. The hunger will be for a longer time, but the Cheetah hunt will leave nothing behind. #TheyCallHimOG”



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