I wanted to have a child with Sarath Babu: Jayalalitha


During a recent interview, actress Jayalalitha, popular for her roles in films such as “April 1 Vidudala”, revealed hitherto undisclosed details about her life. She stated that she had a long relationship with actor Sarath Babu, who passed away last year at the age of 71.


“I loved Sarath Babu. I accompanied him during the last years of his life. I, too, desired to wed him. I planned to conceive a child with him. However. several influential figures in the film industry obstructed our marriage from occurring,” she said.

“We embarked on numerous trips together. I believed that a divine entity bestowed upon a mentor and a partner to accompany me throughout my life. He was an exceptionally virtuous person. In addition, we had intentions of conceiving a kid. However, his life came to an end before we were able to fulfill our desire,” she stated.

Jayalalitha expressed her inability to discuss her relationship with Sarath Babu during his lifetime due to multiple factors.



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