Kajal Aggarwal: ‘Satyabhama’ is a novel effort

Satyabhama press meet

Kajal Aggarwal is very excited about her first cop role. She stated that the film “Satyabhama” represented a new chapter in her professional career. She portrayed an police officer in this investigative drama.


“When I heard the story, I found it appealing and innovative, so I decided to pursue it. ‘Satyabhama’ has finally fulfilled my dream of starring in a feature-length action film,” she stated.

I am open to working on any genre as long as the content is of high quality, Kajal added.

“Prior to Satyabhama, I received numerous offers for films centered on female characters. When working on films that feature female characters, I feel a sense of responsibility rather than stress. This was the first time in my professional life that I participated in action sequences and performed stunts, which required a significant amount of effort,” Kajal stated.

She stated that she will continue acting without taking a long hiatus. “I have a strong passion for acting, which is why I decided to resume my career in movies after prioritizing my personal life,” she stated.



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