Lavanya: I have proofs to show about Raj Tarun’s ‘acts’

Lavanya and Raj Tarun

Lavanya, actor Raj Tarun’s former girlfriend, stated that she did not make statements against him without proof.

After media reports suggested that police had asked her to present evidence to back up her claims, she responded that she had all of the documents, as well as voice and video recordings, to prove that Raj Tarun had married her in a temple and threatened her.


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Lavanya described Raj Tarun as an opportunist and a Casanova, claiming he tried to silence her by offering money. When she refused, he allegedly threatened her.

I will submit all proofs to the Narsingi Police Station, she added.

Raj Tarun and Lavanya lived together for many years, as the actor himself admitted. While Raj Tarun claims she has been blackmailing him even after they ended their relationship years ago, she claims he broke their promise to marry legally, despite the fact that they performed “pramanams” in a temple as a husband and wife.

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