Meera Jasmine plays Uthphalaa Devi in ‘Swag’


“Swag” is the latest film in which Sree Vishnu is portraying the main lead hero. The film is being helmed by Hasith Goli, known for his directorial work for “Raja Raja Chora”.


The film producers have today unveiled a character introduction poster featuring Meera Jasmine. She plays the character of Uthphalaa Devi in the film. The poster features Meera Jasmine dressed in regal attire, portraying a queen.

Meera Jasmine was the prominent actress during the 2000s. She is currently performing character roles and special roles.

Produced by TG Vishwa Prasad on People Media Factory, “Swag” has Ritu Varma as the female protagonist Queen Rukmini Devi.

Vivek Sagar composes the music. Vivek Kuchibhotla serves as the co-producer. “Swag” is preparing for release soon.



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