Naresh shares Pavitra’s picture with a quotation

Naresh nd Pavitra Lokesh

Actor Naresh and actress Pavitra Lokesh have been at the center of all media discussions lately. Their friendship and relationship gained a lot of attention from the common public. Giving more clarity about his relationship with actress Pavitra, Naresh shared a picture of them on his WhatsApp status.

The actor also wrote an interesting line on the picture. He mentioned that he and Pavitra working to be young again and live wisely. 

Sharing a photo of him and Pavitra standing side by side, he wrote, “Life’s tragedy that we grow old too soon & wise late. We are working on reversing the process.”

Naresh married thrice and divorced. He is yet to obtain a legal divorce from his third wife, though. He is now living with Pavitra. They also shared screen space in many films.



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