NTR – Neel film pushed to next year?

NTR and  Prashanth Neel

We notified our readers that Prabhas is particular about commencing the sequel to “Salaar” within the current year. Prashanth Neel is currently engaged in developing the script for the sequel and intends to commence production soon.

If that is indeed the situation, the proposed NTR – Neel film will see a delay. Earlier, there was a plan to launch this film in either April or May. However, our sources indicate that the launch of the film has been postponed until 2025.

Prashanth Neel will consider undertaking NTR’s project only once part 2 of “Salaar” is finished. The producers of “Salaar” can only see real profits with the second installment of this project. Therefore, it holds significant importance for them too.

Following the conclusion of his ongoing project “Devara,” NTR will commence his work on his first Bollywood film, “War 2.” He will co-star alongside Hrithik Roshan in this Bollywood action film. Upon completing the filming of “War 2”, he will be required to star another Telugu film.

We’ll have to see what film NTR takes on in place of Neel’s this year.



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