Pawan Kalyan wins the Pithapuram with a huge margin

Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan, the popular actor-politician, achieved his first electoral victory. He won the Pithapuram assembly constituency with a huge majority of 70 thousand votes (70,354). All exit polls anticipated victory for Pawan Kalyan, and he won this assembly seat with an overwhelming margin.


He will make a regal entry into the Andhra Pradesh assembly. In 2019, he lost two contested seats. As a result, he took a strategic decision to run for the Pithapuram assembly seat and won effortlessly.

Pawan Kalyan is the president of the Jana Sena party, which joined the electoral war in coalition with the TDP and the BJP, and the three parties will form the government. The alliance parties have devastated the ruling YSR Congress Party, which will not even cross 20 seats.

Pawan Kalyan’s triumph this time is noteworthy because he was frequently humiliated by the ruling YSR party, which referred to him as a ‘package celebrity’ and made disparaging remarks about his personal life. He not only won by a large margin, but his party also received 100 percent of the seats.



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