Pooja Hegde uses the same publicity tricks

Pooja Hegde

Pooja Hegde has been striving to find new film offers. After nearly two years, she was finally cast in a South Indian film. She will pair up with Suriya in his 44th film. The film will be directed by Karthik Subbaraj.


Pooja Hegde, who ruled the Telugu cinema industry as the number one actress until two years ago, received this opportunity after much effort. Nonetheless, her public relations team is working overtime to give the impression that she increased remuneration for the project.

The news that Pooja Hegde has increased her acting remuneration for Suriya’s film is a farce. She received this offer after a two-year gap, and with no filmmakers in Tollywood her casting in their projects, how can she demand more remuneration? The truth is that she reduced her fees.

The planted items in the media must be her trick to tell the world that she still commands good remuneration. However, every one who understand the workings of the film industry are fully aware of these publicity tactics.



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