Producer Swapna makes a valid point on ‘records’


Every time a big film is released, social media will see posts from fans and box office experts claiming records. However, records are not “created”; they occur. No director will make films for the sake of records. This is a fact.


Swapna, the co-producer of “Kalki 2898 AD,” released a statement today in response to numerous inquiries about the film’s records. She stated that filmmakers make films for the joy of cinema, not for the records.

Swapna and her sister Priyanka are co-producers on this science fiction flick. Prabhas played thelead role, with Amitabh Bachchan, Kamal Haasan, and Deepika Padukone.

“It’s very amazing that people are calling or asking, Did we cross records? It’s hilarious. because guys who create or created those records never make films for the records. We make for the audience. We make for the love of cinema. We did the same,” she wrote.

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