Ram Gopal Varma agrees Kangana is a versatile actress

Kangana Ranaut

Ram Gopal Varma has suddenly become a great fan of Kangana Ranaut. After watching the trailer of ‘Thalaivi’, a biopic on Jayalalitha, in which Kangana essayed the title role, Ram Gopal Varma heaped praise on the actress. He singled out Kangana’s performance in the trailer. 

Earlier, RGV trolled Kagana mercilessly when she took the controversial stand in Sushant Raj Singh Rajput’s death case. Her detractors say she is the puppet in BJP’s hands and is using her Twitter handle to defame anyone who is against the current union government. 

Reacting to RGV’s praise, Kangana tweeted that she doesn’t mind his earlier trolling. “Hey, sir… I don’t disagree with you on anything… I like and appreciate you very much, in this dead serious world where egos and prides get hurt so easily I appreciate you cause you don’t take anything seriously not even yourself…. Thank you for compliments,” she replied. 

Interestingly, Ram Gopal Varma now has agreed that Kangana is the most versatile actress world has ever seen. When Kangana claimed that no actress in the world has such versatility as he has, RGV trolled her. 

“Anyone with strong opinions is bound to provoke extreme reactions ..I must confess I felt urs a tall claim when u compared with Hollywood greats, but I now apologize and agree 100% that no other actress in the world has ever had ur versatility,” he tweeted now.


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