Srikanth urges the media to stop publishing unverified news

Srikanth Meka

Actor Srikanth became enraged that, despite his clarification regarding the Bengaluru Rave party, certain YouTube channels are propagating false information. His name was initially publicized by the media, however all media outlets recognized that he was not there at the party, but rather someone who resembled Srikanth attended.


Srikanth later recorded a video from the lawn of his Jubilee Hills home in which he stated that he, too, was astonished to see the visuals of the rave party incident and that the person in question looked just like him.

Today, he encouraged the media to cease disseminating fake news and to double-check its accuracy before publication.

He also stated that he will not hesitate to take the media outlets to court if they continue to propagate fake stories about him.

The Bengaluru Rave party, which was held at a farm property in Bengaluru last Sunday, sparked much speculation over the participation of Telugu stars. It has been established that actress Hema, who attended the party, tested positive for drug use.



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