Suma Kanakala to bid goodbye to films!

Suma Kanakala

Popular anchor Suma Kanakala has flopped as an actress once again. She began her career as a film heroine two decades ago but could not succeed. She later switched to the TV world and became a superstar in Telugu Television.

Suma Kanakala is one of the all-time popular faces on Telugu TV. She is also one of the highest-paid anchors. As she has become a household name in AP and Telangana, the 40-plus TV host felt like testing her luck as a film actress again.

She made a comeback with ‘Jayamma Panchayithi’, which hit the theaters last month and bombed like anything. She could not attract an audience. The film was canceled on the very first day as the audience didn’t turn up.

With this result, she seems to have lost hope in films. She will not sign up for new films henceforth. Suma will continue her TV career and host film events.



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