US BO: ‘Hanu Man’ collects whopping $5 million

Hanu Man

“Hanu Man” has accomplished what was previously impossible. When big stars dream of amassing $3 million in North America with their films, a modestly budgeted Telugu film made $5 million so quickly.


“Hanu Man” surpassed the $5 million mark on its third Sunday (January 28th).

The film premiered in the United States on January 11th, and it made a massive $5 million in 17 days. This is a new record for a Telugu film without names like Prabhas or Rajamouli.

The film grossed more than $250,000 last weekend. Thus, it passed the $5 million mark.

Prasanth Varma’s “Hanu Man” is the most profitable Telugu film in the overseas market. The sequel to the superhero film with a devotional element is set to be launched soon. The sequel will feature big hero besides Teja Sajja.

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