US Collections update: Hanu Man and Guntur Kaaram

Hanu Man and Guntur Kaaram

As expected, Mahesh Babu’s “Guntur Kaaram” had a huge opening in the United States. It made over $1.4 million just from premiere shows. It is one of the biggest openings ever for a Telugu film.


“Guntur Kaaram” will most certainly cross the $2 million mark by the end of Saturday. This is a great debut. But the good news for “Guntur Kaaram” is limited to the premiere shows only.

On Friday, the Mahesh Babu-starrer “Hanu Man” failed to meet the gross of “Hanu Man.” “Hanu Man,” a super hero film, earned a staggering half-million dollars on Friday, while “Guntur Kaaram” earned only $380k.

Guntur Kaaram – US Collections
Thursday (Premieres) – $1.39 million
Friday (Day 1) – $380k

Total Gross: $1.78 Million

Hanu Man – US Collections

Thursday (Premieres) – $460k
Friday (Day 1) – $506k

Total Gross: $966k



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