Sarath Babu, a versatile actor!

Sarath Babu was an actor with a wide range. In a career spanning more than four decades and more than 200 films, he performed a wide variety of roles, including lead hero, best friend, loverboy, villain, caring parent, supportive sibling, and more.


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He was born on 31st July 1951 in Amudalavalasa, Andhra Pradesh. Sathyam Babu Dixithulu was his birth name. “Ramarajyam” (1973) was his first film, and it co-starred SV Rangarao, Savitri, and Chandramohan. He played a lead hero. After that, he appeared in “Stree,” a film made by Atluri Poornachandra Rao.

He gained attention with K Balachander’s Tamil film “Nizhal Nijamagiradhu”. In addition to “Maro Charitra,” “Guppedu Manasu,” and “Idi Katha Kadu,” he appeared in virtually all of K Balachander’s Telugu and Tamil films back then. His career as a supporting actor flourished as a result.

He had worked with then top actors in the South Indian cinema industry, such as Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan, and Chiranjeevi, and was lauded for his natural acting style and his ability to play a range of characters with ease. K Balachander, Bapu, and K Vishwanath, all great filmmakers, played instrumental role in his career.

Sarath Babu in Sagara Sangamam

His finest work can be seen in the movies “Sithakoka Chiluka”, “Sagara Sangamam”, “Sitaara”, “Kanchana Ganga”, “Anveshana”, “Swati”, “Sankeertana”, Abhinandana”, “Neerajanam”, “O Bharya Katha”, “Criminal, “Hello Brother”, and “Muthu”.

He took home three Nandi trophies. He received Nandi Awards for the films Seethakoka Chilaka (1981), O Bharya Katha (1988), and Neerajanam (1989).

Sarath Babu

In addition, he appeared in a number of television serials. However, he had faced trouble in his personal life. After 14 years of marriage to actress Rama Prabha, he filed for divorce.



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