BO: ‘Prathinidhi 2’ flops, ‘Krishnamma’ is comparatively better

Prathinidhi 2 and Krishnamma

The dreary season at the box office continues. Last weekend, Satyadev’s “Krishnamma” and Nara Rohit’s “Prathinidhi 2” hit the theaters.

While “Krishnamma” garnered a better reaction and grossed two and a half crores globally, the overall revenues were not particularly impressive. Satyadev should be pleased that the film earned good reviews and talk than the majority of previous releases.

On the other hand, “Prathinidhi 2,” a political thriller starring Nara Rohit, was completely rejected by the audience.

Despite the fact that it was election season, Telugu Desam party sympathizers and supporters showed no interest in watching it. The film, directed by TV5 journalist Murthy, likewise received overwhelmingly poor feedback.

Overall, the Telugu film industry is experiencing a drought during the summer of 2024.



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