Red, MEB and Krack for Sankranthi 2021

Ram and Ravi Teja have announced release plans for their upcoming movies. Ram Pothineni starrer ‘Red’ will release for Sankranthi 2021. It will hit the theaters only

Ravi Teja’s police drama ‘Krack’ has also confirmed release date as Sankranthi 2021.

Akhil’s ‘Most Eligible Bachelor’ and Rana’s ‘Aranya’ have already announced the same date. So, it will have a four-way fight in the coming Sankranthi at the theaters.

The movie theaters have stopped their screenings in March this year due to lockdown. Although the government has permitted to reopen cinema halls, the exhibitors in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are taking time to get back to the business.

Producers are expecting that the movie business will not be great even if the theaters resume screenings in November or December. So, all medium-range movies have opted for Sankranthi as their release date.

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