Weekend BO: A1 Express makes a decent collection

Sundeep Kishan in A1 Express

Last weekend, we had witnessed about 11 movies hitting the screens. But except for Sundeep Kishan’sA1 Express’, none of them have posted decent numbers. Sundeep Kishan’sA1 Express’ on its first day had raked in an impressive share worldwide. It had seen a drop on Saturday and Sunday. Still, the overall collection in its first weekend is good. 

It has given some respite for Sundeep Kishan. It remains to be seen how it performs this week. 

‘Shaadi Mubarak’ won fairly better reviews but the film could not capitalize it. Raj Tarun’sPower Play’ is a disaster. It has proved once again that Raj Tarun is failing to bring in the audiences to the theaters.

A small movie, ‘Play Back’, won niche audiences for its unique concept. Directed by Hari Prasad Jakka, the thriller is India’s first movie with ‘cross-time connection’ as its core point. 

‘Uppena’ and ‘Naandhi’ still have managed to collect money despite the onset of new releases.


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