‘Rules Ranjann’ is entertaining rom-com: Neha Sshetty

Neha Sshetty in Rules Ranjann

Neha Sshetty delivered string of hits and is currently involved in a number of film. Her new film, “Rules Ranjann,” will be released on October 6. She met the press and spoke about her character and the film.  


What does it feel like to have a hitting streak?

What success I’ve had in such a short time has filled me with joy and gratitude. In my opinion, there is more to accomplish.

It was “DJ Tillu” which ultimately brought much needed success and limelight. The positive reactions from the public make me happy.

What makes your role in ‘Rules Ranjann’ distinct from those in the previous films?

I play Sana in “Rules Ranjann.” Sana is a jovial young lady from Tirupati. She has the charm and energy of the girl next door.

This is not your typical tale of boy meets the girl. The unique take on the love theme is enthralling. I have no doubt that this film would do well at the box office.

Neha Sshetyy in

The song “Sammohanuda” and your glam treat is trending now.

The song is really catchy. The music director knows the pulse of the youth. The most challenging task is dancing to this tune. I had to dance in the fire, water, amidst flowers, and by the poolside. The picturisation was quite tough. But in the end, it’s all worth it.

Rain songs were quite popular in the past. Now the rain song featuring you has become famous as well. How do you feel?

When it comes to rain songs, late Sridevi comes to my mind. I’ve been a big fan of her work. She is my favorite. That’s the kind of actor I want to be. I am happy that my first rain song has become massively popular.



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