BO Report: ‘Raju Yadav’ and ‘Love Me’ turn out to be disasters

Love Me and Raju Yadav

The Telugu box office’s collection drought is causing frustration among theater owners. For the past few weeks, every Friday releases have been sinking without a trace. Last weekend, “Raju Yadav” and “Love Me” were released in a day apart and were both rejected by audiences.


While “Raju Yadav” starring Getup Srinu received a 1/5 rating, Dil Raju Productions’ “Love Me” received a 1.75/5 rating from critics, and other critics from various media outlets gave similar ratings.

Critics slammed Getup Srinu’s performance in “Raju Yadav”. They said he lacked the necessary skills to lead a cast. The film was an absolute bore.

Apparently, when producer Dil Raju realized the film would be panned by critics, he quietly flew to the United States around the time of “Love Me” release. Ashish, the film’s hero, also received criticism for his lack of improvement in acting. The film’s content elicited overwhelmingly negative reactions.

Both films grossed almost nothing during their first weekend.



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