End of the road for Allari Naresh’s comedies

Allari Naresh

The disastrous result of Allari Naresh’s recent release, Bangaru Bullodu, has given clarity on several fronts. That audiences have no interest to watch such silly comedies is the main result to know. It has also proved that Naresh’s career as a comedy hero has no future. 

The film also ascertained that AK Entertainments, which generally produce such inane comedies, should go for a reality check. 

Luckily, Naresh has already taken a wise decision of moving out of this genre. He did a character role in Mahesh Babu’s ‘Maharshi’. In the upcoming release ‘Naandi’, Naresh will be seen in a serious role. The film shows him in an intense performance. 

Let’s hope that the talented actor bounces back with ‘Naandi’.


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